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Green Vita, with its myriad of beneficial soil microbes and natural plant extracts provide the flowering and gardening systems with necessary components to promote healthy plant growth, increase nutrient availability, facilitate nutrient absorption, promote root growth, and formation while reducing the likelihood of disease. Disease suppression is achieved through a process of known as competitive exclusion. The beneficial microbes also have the capacity to produce antibiotics, which inhibit protein synthesis in pathogenic fungi resulting in their expiration.


Green Vita is a microbial inoculant designed to increase active biomass in the soil to ensure healthy plant growth.

  • Is water soluble, easy to apply, very economical and, faster acting than any other product.
  • High in bacteria, nutrients, micronutrients, trace minerals, and vitamins for plant growth stimulation.
  • Chelate soil nutrients and reduces fertilizer runoff.
  • Suppresses soil and root pathogens.
  • Neutralizes herbicides and pesticides in the soil and in the plant.

The soil supporting today’s average flowering beds is lacking microbial activity to promote healthy growth. This is due primarily to an over reliance on pesticides to control disease and insect infestation. These synthetic chemicals also destroy non-target organisms, namely the essential fungi and bacteria found in healthy soil

Beneficial microorganisms are necessary for vigorous plant growth. When microbial populations are depleted, the system becomes stressed giving the rise to a myriad of problems. Our unique microbial system - Green Vita - is formulated to increase the active biomass in soil. As an added benefit, Green Vita provides an unique support system for its microbes to help optimize their performance and benefits. This system includes natural plant extracts and vitamins, which provide the essential nutrients necessary to promote healthy and sustain healthy microbial organisms.


Bio Green Vita 50 tab

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