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Bio Green Tabs bring back diversity, even in monocultures. The tablets are a unique blend of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria are also called probiotics. While chemicals not only kill pathogens but also beneficial organisms, BioGreen Tabs allow the plant to become naturally resistant to various diseases.

Benefits of Bio Green Tabs:

- Better absorption of nutrients

- Better water absorption

- Better resistance to saline soils

- They play an important role in plant development and plant resistance to disease.

- Increase in yield due to soil improvement.

- Our microbes signals molecules that induce natural antibiotics, enzymes and hormones inside the plant to fight diseases naturally.

- Facilitate the nutrient uptake

- Reducing environmental stress -

- Non-pathogenic - do not cause disease -

- Natural - NOT GMO (genetically modified organism)

- Plants grow faster and stronger

- Invert the oxidation of old roots

Bio Green Tabs restore the BALANCE between beneficial bacteria and fungi in soil. Using the chairs' dance as an illustration, the beneficial elements occupy the chairs, preventing pathogens from taking their place.

BioGreen Tabs 5 Tabs

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