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Supplying the Solution


Growing the business

Here at Green Grower Supply we have a passion for growing and teaching others to grow high grade cannabis. We feel everyone should be able to have quality smoke and the peace of mind knowing it was grown with safe clean inputs. over a combined 20 years of experience growing cannabis, both indoors and sungrown, has helped us create a comprehensive program that is easy to follow.

Quality Inputs

As the old adage goes, "you only get out of it, what you put into it!" We source only the highest quality organic materials from soil amendments to pest management tools and provide them to you ready to go. We have honed our growing program and use professional  grade input!s so you can maximize your growth and minimize your costs!

Step by Step Consultation

There is no grow too large or too small! We offer consulting for all sizes of ACMPR licences and for those who are growing their four plants as allowed by law. 

Private and discreet

We understand that privacy and perception are important to you and despite the law changing to allow you to grow cannabis, many people still feel a stigma towards it. That's why our services are discreet. Our representatives do not wear branded clothing and none of our vehicles will be advertising our presence at your property. We service the entire Golden region.

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